Check out New Mamas & Papas live shows circa 1982-83

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Check out New Mamas & Papas live shows circa 1982-83

Postby Midnight Voyager » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:26 pm

I know someone else mentioned this in a previous post, but I just discovered that Wolfgang's Vault (an amazing website) has 6 shows of the New Mamas & Papas! You can register for free and just listen to them. If you want, you can buy them ($10) as downloads, 5 of the shows are available for purchase.

What's so amazing about these shows is that they included a handful of new songs in their sets: Not Too Cool, I Wish, Flowers, Love Song etc.. Some of those songs are exclusive to various shows. What's even more amazing is that they sound great--so tight! Clearly they were very inspired to play the new songs in their early shows. I have a newfound respect for the New Mamas & Papas for the fact they were earnest in their attempts to be a new group, and not just re-hash the old songs.

It's sad they they didn't get a recording contract, and had to bow to the pressure of just playing the old songs. Still, they always had, aside from the Spanky trilogy and Scott's San Francisco, at least one or two other "new" songs in the set, like Love Song and Mississippi. I have a cassette recording of a 1990 show in Elmsford, NY where they performed "Average Man," which ended up on John's last album.

I'm just excited to hear all the material - live and otherwise- that defined the New Mamas & Papas!
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