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Cass Elliot / The Road Is No Place For A Lady / Don't Call Me Mama Anymore

Cass Elliot / The Road Is No Place For A Lady


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From Land of the Lost producers, Sid & Marty Krofft, comes a family comedy filled with mirth, magic and music. After a bad day at school, Jimmy runs to the shore to play his flute, but he can’t believe his eyes when his ordinary flute comes to life! When a magical talking boat appears, he boards the ship only to discover that it has been sent by an evil witch named Witchiepoo to keep him prisoner and take his flute. It’s up to the fantastic dragon H.R. Pufnstuf and his comical companions, Cling and Clang, to come to the rescue in an adventure beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.


Cass Elliot once said, "It was a long time coming, but tell me what things in life aren't worth waiting for."  She could have been speaking about the new anthology of her music being put out by Universal - The Complete Cass Elliot Solo Collection, 1968-1971.  Chronicling the first half of her solo career, this compendium includes all of her heretofore released album and single recordings as a solo artist from 1968-1971 as well as hitherto unreleased tracks.  This 2 disc set is accompanied by a full color booklet as well as a special message from Cass' daughter, Owen Elliot-Kugell.
Released on August 1, 2005, exclusively from Hip-O Select.

Dream A Little Dream Features the most comprehensive cross-label career overview of this great vocalist & larger than life musical personality. Compiled to ensure that the choice of music studies the key areas of her musical career spanning the golden years of the Mamas and Papas through to her own stunning solo output including tracks previously unreleased such as 'Does Anybody Love You', If You're Gonna Break Another Heart', East of The Sun & West of The Moon' & Cass Radio Jingles.

The soundtrack to the film version of Sid & Marty Kroffts gigantic children's TV hit 'HR Pufnstuf'-the program that introduced psychedelia into the diet of English and American children in the late 60s/ early 70s. It starred of course, the most famous English boy actor of all, Jack Wild (straight from the highly-acclaimed Artful Dodger in Lionel Bart's 1968 film musical smash 'Oliver!'), alongside the great Cass Elliot from the Mamas And The Papas (whose film debut this was), So a unique anglo-american appeal.  The soundtrack written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel ('Barbarella' 'Happy Days' 'Laverne & Shirley) is a remarkable amalgam of bugglegum, psychedelic instrumentation and joyful knockabout songs including ‘Zap The World’ and the fine Cass solo number ‘Different’ which is exclusive to this record. Pufnstuf is full of great, clever, funny songs sung by Jack Wild, Cass Elliot, Witchiepoo and the cast.

For the first time, Cass' solo album, Dream A Little Dream is available on CD. Cass' 68 album which has been released in Japan--has its first outing in 34 years!

Now available from Universal International, Bubble Gum Lemonade & Something for Mama. Japanese 24-bit digitally remastered reissue of Cass' 1969 solo album that's unavailable domestically. Includes the original bonus track Make Your Own Kind Of Music. 

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot

Newly released in Japan, Cass' 1972 debut album on the RCA label is finally available again!

A recent Cass world release - from the UK! Dedicated To The One I Love contains many songs from her first three albums from
1968-70 on Dunhill/ABC.

Mamas Big Ones, released in 1970, was the first greatest hits compilation of Cass' solo work to be released.  It covers her three solo efforts on the ABC-Dunhill label and features some non-album singles such as Ain't Nobody Else Like You and The Good Times Are Coming!  

Get the Cass Elliot CD anthology produced by her daughter
Owen on the MCA label Dream A Little Dream - The Cass Elliot Collection.  Released - 1997.

Get the CD of Cass' pre-Mamas & Papas group, The Big Three with all new liner notes including previously unpublished quotes from Cass, as well as Tim Rose and Jim Hendricks.
Released - October 2000

~ All In The Family~

Check out Women and Other Visions by The Coyote Sisters, Leah Kunkel's (Cass' sister) group.  Their first album since their debut in 1984, can be ordered at  Leah wrote a number of the songs Cass recorded during her career, ("Who's To Blame," "When It Doesn't Work Out," "The Road Is No Place For A Lady").  Cass' nephew Nathaniel Kunkel also worked on the album.

Also check out Leah's two solo albums from 1970-1980, Leah Kunkel and I Run With Trouble on one new disc with her own liner notes and annotations. Just released in 2006!

Now available again! RARE Cass Elliot photos,
(and even some video bits) on famed rock photographer
Henry Diltz's DVD - Under The Covers.

New! Check out the chronology of Cass' career here. Thanks to Richard Thorpe for providing this.

Cass' band mates from The Big 3 -  Jim Hendricks and the late Tim Rose each have websites.


Check out this interesting article chronicling Cass' early career with The Big 3 and their work singing commercial jingles for Ballantine Beer! 
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Click here to order Make Your Own Kind of Music online!  A limited number of copies are available, so be sure to get your copy now!

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