Are you looking for a CD of Denny Doherty's show Dream A Little Dream?

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Denny's 1971 debut solo album Watcha Gonna Do finally makes its digital debut as a 24-bit remastered Japan only edition!


Check out Cass and Michelle Phillips' background vocals on Denny Doherty's 1974 album, Waiting For A Song, released for the first time in the USA on 6/19/01. Cass also wrote the original liner notes for this album.


Now available for the first time on CD - The Halifax Three - Cass' band mate Denny Doherty's freshmen recordings, made when he and Cass were pals at the Dugout in Greenwich Village!  Released - Fall 2003.

Read about Denny Doherty's show DREAM A LITTLE DREAM which is devoted to Cass and "The Nearly True Story of The Mamas and The Papas."  Visit Denny's official web site to find out the latest on Denny and the show's 2003 Off Broadway run at the Village Theater in Greenwich Village -